Respectful Love

Delicate and needing to be savored,

That’s the woman who needs to be favored.

Delicacy doesn’t mean she not strongly flavored.

Whether she is miss brown sugar with her caramelized exterior;

Or a sexy Spanish girl, like sizzling sauce and spices;

Or has flour like skin, white or tan as whole wheat.

The hijab of a middle eastern beauty

is but a cover on a pot full of savory

combinations that tease the senses.

The lack of a head covering doesn’t mean

she still ain’t worth waiting on.

Here, waiter doesn’t mean a slave to her beck and call,

But rather a willingness to serve her before she places an order.


Guys, know that society likes

To act like it’s on your side,

Then the culture is consumed with captions like we ain’t nothing.

But don’t let my censorship

dull the sensitivity of the actual statement.

We like the way she moves then become outcasts,

Allowing ourselves to be hypnotized by how her hips hop.

We act big, boy, then it’s a rap like Andre

Treating ladies like side pieces when they should be the entree

But beyond saying that

Let us not give ladies lemons to

Be Beyoncé and have

a clear blueprint to love her, ride or die;

Not conquer with an Empire State of mind;

She should shine.


And ladies, I hear ya, he burned you but you are smarter

than tryna give other men the third degree.

I peep that you’ve been played plenty of times

that after parting ways it’s time for the playback;

let him face the same music.

But when has pursuit of a vendetta

really made anyone feel betta?

It seems like just a mask born on November 5th

that we remember remember, as if

reflections in broken glass are embers

Fed by memories of betrayal and pain.

It seems this is the Olympic Games

Filled with hurt people tryna hurt people

Or should I say players and f-boys

like the female population is innocent.

A similar narrative when white men lynched

black brothas in the name of white female innocence.


I’m not tryna sound sour but all this lemonade

leaves behind a bitter taste

Whether you’re a guy or lady,

let us not have middle fingers up so high

like we tryna find reception after breaking up.

Can you hear me now?

Can we justify playing the game betta than potential offenders?

We wanna act like we could care less who collides with our cold shoulder,

Easily forgetting that the Son shines brightly ready to give a tan

To hearts so frozen that it is difficult to let it go.

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Before the Fall

I’m so pompous when I’m walking in my accomplishments.
Imagine my pride, parading around my heart as compliments
Become hot air causing my head to grow,
Keeping my big head afloat.
Next thing I know I’m like a kid acting like I’m the goat
I don’t like to brag or boast. No, more like I’m too proud to go
ask for help with this relationship or boat.
Deep down I do long for hope
I’m so dirty but who do I ask for soap?
I know I can’t do this alone
I’m a sheep I’m prone to wander on my own
Life is sweeter with friends and family; The truest statement
but these lies aren’t the faintest
No, they’re beating my eardrums till I can’t hear what the truth is saying.

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It’s been quite a while since I last posted but I’m glad to be back. This is just a little something. Hopefully more to come!

Yeah, her smile is so bright.
And that radiance got a brotha so blind
Sided; Bullock with the heat.
She could easily pull an assassination attempt if she so tried.
Ugh, I’m so tired of falling for the honey dripping lips,
But I gotta stay fly.
And she is the embodiment of venus,
Although I clearly see this,
somehow I’m still oblivious; I’m gonna die.
Either that I’m gonna cry
Rivers flowing from springs of fear deep inside.
Will I stay alone?
The path of staying single parallels with Stallone,
A Rocky road; nobody said it’d be sweet though.
I’m looking down in defeat though.
There was supposed to be a lamp somewhere, I can’t see those.
I can’t see hope
unless someone outside of me
Could probably die for me
[In order that I could throw cares at him]
Be bold

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Sick and Tired

It seems the symptoms cease to remain below the surface
And as they surface
gravity magnifies my closeness with where the dirt is
Under my shoe; didn’t know I could feel as low…
Wait scratch that.. lower than my Adidas
I’m left here to wallow in my addictions
But aren’t I the encouraging brother, the uplifting friend,
a positive person with personality
That attracts people?
Sorry, the truth is some are clueless,
Unaware of the shadows that eclipse those shining words
Until twilight hinders my movement
It must be this discouragement that curves my line of sight until I no longer view what my purpose is.
Now, I’m certain of this:
I am sick

Yes, so ill
that I’m afraid my self inflicted wounds won’t heal.
Fear has seeped into my veins swimming up my blood stream
Until it pollutes my thoughts and actions.
They do say the mind is a terrible thing to waste; touché
Pride has built up over time leading to a terrible congestion in my chest so it’s difficult for me to breathe a word of help
Not to mention the congestion in my sinuses keeping me from sniffing out essential oil
That oil the holy script said would bring about healing
combined with a prescribed prayer, potent, effectual, and fervent
But James doesn’t know how I’m feeling

Apathy continues to rid me of any possible motivation
Every time the reality of those consequences comes through in 4K
I must admit all energy feels as if it were a sweet margarita
It becomes hard to be a
role model when I only have enough strength to pose as a fatigued soldier.
I’m narcoleptic,
sleeping on my purpose, no need to look far to get it
So I get it, got it, good:
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

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Heart Eyes

If it was a box of chocolate

That made her heart melt,

What happened after they were consumed?

If it was the sight of a dozen roses

That made her eyes light up,

What happened after the petals fell?


Did I fall so hard? Did you swallow me up?

Was my head swimming with emotions?

Drowning in your affection;

Suffocated by your grip on my heart;

I found pleasure in the pain

From shots fired with precision.


Oh the feeling that struck my heart,

I thought hawkeye became Cupid.

As I marveled her beauty,

I wanted to be the knight, iron man;

To hide my stark imperfections

Maybe she’ll think I’m a god.


Cheerio, I am a honey nut when tempted

By the sweet insanity of artificial candy.

But I’m not alone as I see others,

Swag tight with lucky charms.

Acting like we make a general mil,

But we’ve gone cuckoo like Sonny.


Not every fresh prince will have fat banks;

Guys run way out of control trying to impress angels;

Easy to sacrifice important variables

For the comfort of the chemistry.

49ers rushed for gold but we gotta dig deep;

Diamonds are forever but we gotta face the heat.


Every kiss begins with ‘K’ but “aay, why?”

We aren’t AIs, that is a machine.

That error made is a sign we’re human beings.


Oh, you showed your face in the smiles and laughter,

Then arguments came and you became Casper.

No, how did I miss you? You didn’t disappear;

Other emotions clouded my vision, this is clear.
We need to see you with clarity – love

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Resounding Love

Silence – the stereo type chosen;

The bored keys that initiated

Such songs sung by the sun

Too difficult to see behind space bars

Brought back down to earth

Weighing the gravity of this

Midnight sonata sounding

More like mid afternoon cars

Didn’t know answers were dancers

Spinning around my head,

Tiptoeing closer and closer BUT

The rhythm never entering my ears

Didn’t know true love was so quiet,

So easily drowned out by

The traffic as a result of busy lives

Then sign 14 reads, ‘exit here!’

After that passion gasses me up,

This renewed drive fuels me for

Another year of mundane passing attractions;

Sorry, life’s music is blasting loudly;

I can’t hear what you said – love

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Eyes Up

The teacher has called me to pay attention
Ignoring such warning would mean detention
Yes, pay attention lest I miss the context clues
As simple as this sounds, it is complex too.

Such call is as easy as ABC and 123
I’m positive the Jackson five would agree
Yet the complexity of paying attention
Seems to come down to my concentration

Boy is it difficult to concentrate!

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